Thoughts from Steven: A “Never-Science” Museum Tour


There is a website that I follow called “When You Work at a Museum…” It contains stories and thoughts from museum professionals telling of their daily struggles and unique museum-related problems. It is quite amusing and working at a museum myself, I can relate to most of its posts.

The website is clearly run by someone who accepts that the earth is billions of years old. A recent post was titled, “The Universal Never-Science Tour Map.” The concept of the post is amusing. It shows a map of a typical natural history museum, highlighting all of the science related facts presented in the museum. The tour route consists of a path that travels up to the ticket desk, does a U-turn, and exits the museum. Clearly, if someone wanted to avoid science in a natural history museum, they had best not enter a natural history museum.

the-truth-shall-make-you-free-1201069What sort of people would want a “never-science” tour of a museum, anyway? According to the author of the post, one such group is creationists. A few highlights from the map include, “Geology (Proving how old the earth is for 4.5 billion years.),” “Cosmology (The Big Bang: A REAL THING THAT HAPPENED.),” and “Evolution (Spoiler Alert: ALSO A REAL THING.)” Moreover, the author mentions that she “spent 20 minutes of my life on the creation “museum” website doing research into anti-science (and I’m not getting that time back).” It is worth noting that Creation Museum should be capitalized because that is a proper name. The fact that the author did not write it that way either indicates she has such a complete derision that she can not bring herself to call it a proper museum or she just does not know the name of the museum. Either way, her attitude is revealing about those who characterize creationists.

Why would someone call creationists anti-science? Creationists use the scientific method as any other scientist would. A prime example is the RATE group that conducted several studies about radioisotope decay. RATE stands for Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth. The studies spanned from 1997 to 2005 and the researchers produced two volumes, one in 2000 and the other in 2005. The first volume set forth the preliminary literature research and predictions while the second volume gave the results and conclusions of their research. The whole project was peer reviewed so that their work could be scrutinized for errors. In other words, this group of eight PhD scientists performed all of the steps that one would expect out of scientific research. If one where scrutinizing whether they were anti-science based on their methodology, one would have to conclude that they were, in fact, perfectly scientific.

While RATE is a great example of how creation scientists are, well, scientific, that is by no means the only example. Just 20 minutes of searching should reveal that creationists use the scientific method in their investigations. To be ignorant of that fact would require having such derision of the results of their studies that the methodology just simply can not be called science or to just not know that they followed the scientific method. My guess is that the author of “When you Work at a Museum…” is making one of those errors.

There is another telling feature of the “never-science” museum map. One section is labeled: “Shrine to Neil deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye.” While this is surely tongue-in-cheek to mock those who are in opposition to these men, the sentiment is actually rather revealing. Evolutionists and those who accept an earth and universe that is billions of years old revere the conclusions of humans. Whether it is Tyson, Nye, Darwin, Dawkins, or Sagan, the thoughts and statements of men are held up as a standard of science and if someone disagrees with their conclusions, the dissenters are automatically labeled as “anti-science” regardless of whether they actually practice science or not. I believe that this reverence for certain scientific authorities is a huge stumbling block to accepting the truth of the Genesis 1 – 11 account of creation of earth.

How can one assail such a stumbling block? By pointing out the fallibility of all humans, including experts. I do not simply mean finding an instance where an expert misspoke or reached an erroneous conclusion. Everyone commits such acts and as long as former errors are corrected, they can be forgiven. What I am talking about is questioning the worldview of these experts. What do Tyson, Nye, Darwin, Dawkins, and Sagan have in common? They all treat human observation and reasoning as the highest possible authority to which one can appeal. Any other authority, such as the Bible, is dismissed because it does not tell the same story that they come up with using their own observations and reasoning. This is a huge error, for if the Bible is the Word of God, then it is the highest possible authority.

God, as the omnipotent Creator, knows all things. In comparison to Him, all of human knowledge is an insignificant drop in the bucket. How could such men think that their thinking is superior to God’s? Because they have rejected the God of the Bible completely or partially. That is why the authority of experts is such a stumbling block: people make the religious assumption that God does not exist or does not exist as He is described in the Bible. Evolution and long ages are the results of humanity’s war against God.

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